About us

Our bureau employs 20 highly qualified people, all of whom possess also excellent professional experience. We boast a wide range of clients who have stayed with us for years now, and who are constantly satisfied with our services. Those services we can perform continuingly since 2004 thanks to us possessing every document required to legally keep account books.

Thanks to our long-standing experience on the market we do not only provide the essential range of services, but we also create individually tailored sets of services for each and every client and we look for ideally suited solutions for you. We offer numerous extra services, among which: printing transfers, representation at official bureaus or creating registers of costs. In the boundaries of existing law we can help in creating appropriate economic categories so that your taxes become a recognisable, acceptable sum of money instead of an unpleasant surprise at the end of tax year.

In order to provide the highest form of safety for our clients – a value that is vital for you to be able to entrust us with the delicate information about your company's finances – we work exclusively using recognised equipment combined with professional accounting software made by Asseco WAPRO:

  • WAPRO Fakir – a program dedicated to bookkeeping, which enables, among others, endorsing and accounting documents, recording VAT and settling of accounts and creating settlements, analyses and printings.
  • WAPRO Kaper – a program that enables the running of accounting archives and tax settlings. A solution for firms that keep books of revenues and expenditures or of recorded revenues.
  • WAPRO Gang – a system designed for human resources records, such as payrolls and social benefits, and settling accounts with Inland Revenue and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
  • WAPRO Best – a program dedicated to run extended records of fixed assets, investments records and automatic settlements of amortization allowance, while taking into account operations such as: modernization, re-estimation, sale, liquidation and write-off adjustment.

To further diminish any possible risk to our clients, our office is insured. Every single operation we perform is insured against civil responsibility. All that to make it clear that you can trust us without question.